Elder Stephan A. P. Holsey Sr. is the Pastor of The Morning Star Institutional Church of God in Christ, Inc. which is located in Camden Delaware.  He’s a graduate of Delaware State University, possessing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management.  He heeded his ministerial calling at the age of 19,  was licensed at the age of 21 and subsequently ordained at the age of 23.  Since that time he’s diligently served the church and was recently appointed the administrative authority to Pastor The Morning Star Institutional Church of God in Christ, Inc. on August 26th, 2009.

Pastor Holsey was born and raised in Delaware and currently resides in his hometown of Dover.  As a child in Mount Calvary Temple C.O.G.I.C. and Bibleway Temple C.O.G.I.C., he attended church services regularly, happily participating in several youth organizations and praising the Lord.  In 1986, his father then the Elder Thomas L. Holsey founded Morning Star Institutional.  Through playful exploration, Pastor Holsey discovered his love of music.  Over the years he developed his talents playing the drums and piano but he was increasingly compelled to showcase his abilities as an organist. While in college he even joined the gospel choir and played regularly at their performances.   In 2003 Pastor joined with Evangelist Missionary Nikia Holsey in Holy Matrimony.  Pastor and 1st Lady Holsey now enjoy the gifts that were given to them, daughter Tiara Holsey, son Stephan Holsey Jr., and son Tyler Holsey  

Pastor Holsey finds his passion in service to the Lord. He remains extremely active by serving on both the National Church, Delaware Jurisdictional and District levels of the Church of God in Christ in addition to his faithful service to his local church and parishioners.  He’s a National Adjutant and is the Jurisdictional Chief Adjutant to Bishop T. L. Holsey, the Appointed Prelate of the Delaware Jurisdiction.  He displays leadership in several departments within the Delaware Jurisdiction including the Official Board and Security Task Force.  As State Coordinator, Budget Committee member and President of the Delaware Jurisdiction Youth Department it is apparent that Pastor Holsey enjoys a spirit of rejuvenation and sense of fulfillment in working with today’s youth.  He also serves as a musician for the Delaware Jurisdiction and District Music Departments.  He enjoys singing and can often be found fondly reminiscing upon his days singing as a member of the youth choir.

Seeking to aggressively pursue the carnality of men and women and ultimately see their lives changed into the image of Christ, Pastor Holsey strives to effectively share the gospel with the nations, in a relevant way, helping all to understand that “holiness” is a proven foundation even for youth culture today.  He’s well known throughout his community and is often consulted for his knowledge and advice by childhood friends, peers, colleagues and distinguished citizens.  He envisions a generation of young people, risen to boldly profess Jesus Christ as Lord and has made the greatest impact of this vision in his own community.